About us

For Voet's Sake is intended to be a blog where tutors from the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town can post their personal views on issues ranging from their theses to current affairs.

David Watson is doing his thesis on the power to develop the common law in line with the spirit, purport and objects of the Bill of Rights. He also works as a tutor for the Department of Private Law. Otherwise he spends his life harassing his co-bloggers to write posts.

Calli Ferreira is working for the Department of Private Law while waiting to go to Cornell University to do graduate studies in law. Her interests are predominantly in private and commercial law but she enjoys the intersection between those areas and public law.

Cheri Young is working for the Department of Private Law. She is currently doing a thesis on the res publica doctrine and in particular on the ownership of state property in the context of minerals. She is also helping Hanri Mostert revise the Property section of LAWSA.

Elizabeth de Stadler works as a TRA in the Department of Private Law and is pursuing her post-graduate studies in Consumer Law under the supervision of Prof Tjakie Naudé.  After completing her undergraduate studies at the US she practiced as an attorney with a big commercial law firm in Johanessaburg before going stark raving mad and resigning in the middle of a recession.  She loves Contract Law and hates horses.